Thursday, September 18, 2014

Memories From Van Horn

I asked Sawyer what a typical missionary day is like for him in Van Horn. This is what he said:

So here is a general outline of a typical day in Van Horn:
6:30 am: Wake up and workout
7:00: Shower, eat breakfast, and prepare for the day
8:00: Personal Study
9:00: Companion Study
10:00: Spanish Study
11:00: Lunch
12:00-5:00: We do a lot of walking around and finding people during these hours and occasionally have an appointment set up. This is also the time we usually do service when the opportunity presents itself.
5:00: Dinner
6:00-9:00: We usually have more appointments set up during the evening hours but if they don't go through or when they are over it is back to walking around.
9:00-10:30: Plan for the next day, wind down, and go to sleep.

Hahaha! Welcome to Texas! 
Van Horn Districts-Elder Palmer, Elder Miles, Elder Johnson, Elder Banks, Elder Martin, Elder Varvel, Sister Davidson, Sister Nowling

They were at a member's house, and they had a litter of puppies!
So cute!
Texas has some pretty big bugs! 

Elder Varvel and Elder Palmer went exploring on their P-day. They found a shaft of some sort and messed around there until the border patrol came and told them to leave!

Down in the shaft.
Van Horn was his only area that had mountains!
Guadelupe Peak
Elder Varvel and Elder Palmer hiked Guadelupe Peak. It's the highest point in Texas.

A few from the top of the mountain.

Elder Palmer at the top!
Elder Varvel at the top!
A video from the top of Guadelupe Peak.

Elder Varvel and Elder Palmer were supposed to be practicing different ways to communicate with people. They would read about a certain thing and then practice it. I was dying at the videos! I'm glad they're so serious about their study time! :)

Practicing eye contact!

Practicing saying hello!

Elder Varvel and his horny toad, Frank! 

This is the famous trailer that we've heard so much about! There are only 4 missionary companionships in the world that live in  travel trailers. They are all in Texas. Sawyer has broken the record for the missionary who has lived in a travel trailer for the longest time. 
This is Newel K. Whitney's original copy of the Book of Mormon, and Sawyer got to hold it!

The Van Horn Advocate did a feature story on the missionaries! Hahaha, I guess Elder Varvel and Elder Hilton got their 5 minutes of fame....picture and all!

Van Horn Advocate article
Van Horn District- Sister Nowling, Sister Davidson, Elder Hilton, Elder Miles, Elder Cunningham, Elder Davis, Elder Palmer, Elder Johnson, Elder Nelson, Elder Varvel
Elder Varvel has been lucky and has several opportunities to attend the temple so far.

Lubbock Temple with Elder Pack
Elder Varvel and Elder Hilton at the Lubbock Temple
Elder Varvel and Elder Hilton

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