Thursday, September 18, 2014

We Flippin' Love You!

Sawyer had a rough week. You get those every once in a while as a missionary. His e-mail made me so sad!

Hi there!
So this last week.... let's just say that I am super glad that the week is over but this next one isn't starting off that great either :/ It's just been a rough one. First of all we have no investigators and haven't had any investigators for quite a while. People have just been super rude to us lately and that is bringing me down too. Friday I lost our phone and it was awful because we had no way to communicate to anyone to tell them that we lost the phone. So we ended up having to go knock on someone else's trailer at like 10:00 at night and ask if we could use their phone. So we had to call the assistants to the mission president and tell them and then go the next few days without a phone. We ended up finding it way down inside someone's couch so we were lucky to get that back. Then to make things even worse, yesterday we had this cute little dog following us around and I loved it because it was one of the few dogs down here that wasn't a chihuahua. But it was just following us around as we were walking, and this guy (that I would have to use non-missionary language to describe) came down the road in a red truck and just nails this dog right next to us. We were just so shocked that we couldn't do anything. Then he proceeds to look at us, laugh, and keep going. Well, the dog was still alive and when he kept going we could just hear it yelping under the car until we finally saw it run out from under it. It's back leg was all bloody and it couldn't use it. It has just been a really rough week for us here. I am getting really sick of the people in Van Horn and am starting to feel that my time here is coming to an end because I am losing my charity for them.... Uh Oh.... But anyways. Sorry about that long rant.

We hadn't sent him a package in awhile, so now seemed like the perfect time. We put together a 'We Flippin' Love You' package!
We flippin' love our missionary!

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