Tuesday, December 16, 2014

To the Eastview Ward Young Women

We had a missionary personal progress activity in young women's. The girls wrote cute messages to the missionaries from our ward. Elder Varvel wrote back to them!  I thought it was super sweet of him! Here's what he had to say:

Dear Eastview Young Women,
I really appreciate the time that you took to write those notes! You guys have no idea how much it helps us missionaries when we receive words of encouragement from people back home.
As a missionary, and especially a missionary in Texas, I have seen the difference in the lives of people who have the gospel, and the lives of people who don't. The people who have the gospel are so much happier and content with their lives, because of the knowledge the gospel brings. The people who don't have the gospel, regardless of their living conditions, are definitely not as happy with their lives. My advice to all of you at this time would be to NEVER take for granted the knowledge that you have and the joys that it can bring to your life if you let it. I have seen grown men cry when they learn that they can live with their families forever. I have seen women stand strong after their husbands unexpectedly pass away, because of the knowledge of the plan of salvation. I have seen a big difference in myself as I have had the opportunity to take part in this amazing work. This gospel has the power to change the quality of your whole life. The choice is yours if you let it or not. 
Hope everything is going well back in the home ward! Do good in school, keep yourself virtuous and clean, and don't EVER forget the love of your Savior Jesus Christ. It is always there. God bless!
-Elder Vervel

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