Thursday, September 18, 2014

Joel Hamby

Sawyer had another baptism! The man is Joel Hamby, and Sawyer loves him! Here is the story:

Elder Palmer and I were walking down the road and we saw a women outside smoking. When she saw us, she smiled and waved, so we went up to talk to her. She told us she was visiting her dad and they were just watching the mormon channel. We were kind of surprised when she said that, so we began to inquire more. We found out that she had friends and interaction with the church when she was a foreign exchange student in Sweden. She told us that the church wasn't the direction she had decided to go in her life. But, she told us that her dad would enjoy it if we'd visit him. We decided that we were going to, but we were kind of expecting to just be talking to a lonely old man who wanted company. We got way more than we were expecting! He invited us in without hesitation and was so excited to hear about the church here! He said he had been looking for us for a really long time! We asked if he had been baptized in our church and he said no. We asked if he would like to be, and he said he would love to be! The rest is history! He already knew everything in the church was true before we even taught him! It was an awesome experience!

Elder Palmer, Joel Hamby, and Elder Varvel
Elder Hilton, Joel, and Elder Varvel

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