Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Leaving Van Horn!

Transfers came, and Sawyer is finally leaving Van Horn. He loved this area, and especially the members there, but he was definitely ready for a change. He spent the day saying goodbye to some very special people.

Saying goodbye to Joel Hamby- He was Sawyer's 4th baptism in Van Horn.
The Harris family- There was no church building in Van Horn, so they met for church each week in the Harris' house.
Daniel was one of Sawyer's favorite people in Van Horn! He said that someday he'll grow a sexy mustache like him!
Ben, Xavier, and Janelle were Sawyer's first baptisms on his mission. He'll miss these kids a lot!
Pastor Brian and his family- The missionaries worked a lot at the food bank that Pastor Brian helped with.
The Aberman family- One of only 3 or 4 member families in Van Horn. 
Saying goodbye to his zone leaders, Elder Davis and Elder Cuningham. 
Saying goodbye to Elder Porter and Elder Pack.
Goodbye to Elder Hilton
Sawyer found a cute little frog on his last day in Van Horn.
A goodbye kiss for his frog friend

Sawyer spent a lot of time in this small town. He had some rough times, and some great times there. I'm grateful for the experiences he had, lessons he learned, and the amazing people that took such great care of him while he's been there.

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