Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dumas, TX

Sawyer got transferred to Dumas, Texas. With this transfer, he has served to the very east, very west, very south, and now very northern part of his mission. He's excited to be in a bigger town. Dumas has between 14,000-15,000 people. His new companion is Elder Lemmon, and they hit it off right from the start. Sawyer was made the district leader of the Pan Handle District. He's excited about the added responsibility, and to get to know the other missionaries in the area. This was a much needed change for him, and we're excited to see what life brings him in Dumas!

Movin' up north
Elder Varvel and Elder Lemmon
The Pan Handle District- Sister Brown, Elder Nelson, Elder Ellsworth, Elder Gadd, Elder Varvel, Sister Manwaring, Elder Packer, Sister Tu'akalau, Elder Thiel, Elder Lemmon, Sister Dahl, Sister Thomson, Elder Cole
There is a place outside of Dumas called Cactus. It's sounds so interesting. This is what Sawyer said about it:

I don't know if I told you about Cactus yet but I will tell you again anyways because it is awesome! Cactus is this little town outside of Dumas that has refugees from all over the world! It is like a completely different mission that's for sure! There are people from all over Africa, Asia, South and Central America, and the Arabian area! We are teaching some sweet people out there! You should see our supplies! We have copies of the Book of Mormon in Thai, Lao, Swahili, Arabic, Amharic, Quiche... It is awesome! 

Here is a 'garage sale' sign from Cactus that the missionaries thought was funny. I guess it shows that most of the people there don't speak very good english.

From the letters and e-mails we've already received, it sounds like Elder Varvel is loving Dumas! He said he hopes he can finish out his mission there.

Dumas is awesome! The people here are great! I get to be around other missionaries, there is a Taco Bell and a WalMart, and my companion and I get along really well. So, everything is going great! We have the coolest ward mission leader of all time too! His name is Brother Pool, and he's the man! He rides around on a motorcycle, plays racquetball, and is a video gamer. It is the coolest thing ever! He is a way awesome mission leader here too!
My district is awesome! It is really big, but they are all great missionaries. We have a sister in the district who is from New Zealand. She is Tongan, and has the coolest accent ever! She is also a big spaz, so she is really fun to have around. It took me a full week to memorize her name, Tu'itokaloto I'loamanu Tu'akalau, or Sister Tu'akalau as she is known in the mission.

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