Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lost Pictures :(

I haven't updated Elder Varvel's blog in quite awhile. He got transferred out of Muleshoe after being there for a long time. He sent me his SD card with all the pictures and videos from his last few months there. Our computer couldn't read the card. Mark took it to work and none of the computers there could read it either. We sent it to a local shop that has special equipment for this kind of problem. No luck there either. I was devastated! The card had 50 pictures and videos on it! We tried one last thing. We sent the card to Florida, to a place where they actually open it up, and take out the small hard drive and hook it up to different equipment to retrieve the pictures. We just got word back from them that they can't recover the pictures either. We don't know what could have happened to it. It isn't physically damaged in any way. It had pictures from his last 3 districts (including when he was a district leader), him with his last two companions (Elder Walker and Elder Velasco), him saying goodbye to all the people he loved in Muleshoe, and tons of other stuff. I'm not gonna lie, I cried several times about it.  He was really disappointed when I told him.  I guess there is nothing left to do but stop worrying about it, and move on. Muleshoe was a great place. He loved the people there. Someday maybe we can go there and meet them all in person. That would be better than pictures anyways.

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