Thursday, May 15, 2014

Van Horn, Texas

Sawyer got transferred to Van Horn, Texas. It's just east of El Paso, close to the Mexican border. He was in Muleshoe before, and was getting anxious to get out of such a small town. I was a little worried when I found out he was going to Van Horn. It's so small! It's less than 3 square miles, with a population less than 2500 people, and is literally in the middle of nowhere! He lives in a travel trailer in an RV park with no hot water. I was surprised to hear that he LOVES it! His companion is Elder Palmer and they get along great. The people are really nice, and he even loves their cozy little camp trailer. There is only one member family in the area, and no church building. They meet for church at a member's house. He's kind of a city boy, so it's funny that he keeps ending up in these little ranching towns. Good luck in Van Horn Elder Varvel!

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