Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Very Protective Brother….

I sent Sawyer a letter awhile back telling him that Bailey has a 'boyfriend'. I told him all about it, and asked him if he would send her some advice about making good choices, being smart about it, yada yada yada… I figured she'd listen to his advice more than mine. I finally got his response letter back, and laughed right out loud. I love that he still cracks me up from 4 states away. I'd say any boy who likes Bailey has more than just her Dad to worry about. There's a crazy, protective, missionary brother in Texas who is looking out for her as well. 

"Bailey has a WHAT?!?! Nononononono NO! What happened to her always telling the guys, "I'm not 16 yet!?!?" She has to realize that it's not going to workout with this guy! For multiple reasons! 1. She's a fetching 14 year old! 2. He's a fetching 14 year old! 3. She is supposed to like dorky, harmless runner boys, NOT basketball players. And 4. I will NOT let her last name be Pugmire. I bet he looks like a pug….But those are just to name a few. And yes, hugging and holding hands is BAD! Don't be open minded about it mother! You need to steal her phone in the middle of the night and text him, "Welcome to Dumpsville. Population YOU!"

Oh my heck I love him! He also e-mailed her and told her that when she goes to sleep at night, I'm gonna start going in her room and rubbing leprosy lotion on her face. I remember her getting love notes from boys in elementary school, and him writing back to them for her. It was hilarious! I would never let her give his notes back to the poor boys. 

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