Monday, March 3, 2014

A Box of Sunshine

We could tell for a couple weeks that Sawyer was having a hard time in the mission field. He was really discouraged from having one disappointment after another. Then we received a really sad e-mail from him. 
Thanks for sending stuff! I will look forward to getting that! This last week kinda sucked…we had to drop every single one of our investigators because none of them were progressing. So now we have to start from scratch, and I have still yet to see a single baptism on my mission. I have just been getting really discouraged and I know I shouldn't let it get me down, but I just can't help it. I am putting all of this hard work and 100% effort into something so good, and yet I am not seeing any good come out of it. I have been having people talk to me about it, but everyone who has talked to me about it has already had baptisms on their missions so they don't really help. At this last district meeting we went around the room and told our most spiritual mission experience. All of my district was sharing these really great spiritual baptisms and finding experiences, and I had absolutely nothing to share, so that just made me feel bad. I don't know…it has just been a really bad week in the mission field but it will get better soon. Not really any other news from Muleshoe except that I have no investigators.
Elder Varvel

It was hard to see him struggle and not be able to talk to him. We wrote him a letter and sent him a 'BOX OF SUNSHINE' to lift his spirits.

All things yellow! We put fun, uplifting saying on most of the stuff we sent. We filled a cup with positive quotes and missionary stories.
We sent him these great pictures too :)!

 Sometimes missionaries struggle and get discouraged. I just prayed that he would realize that his mission is about so much more than just baptizing people. I wanted Heavenly Father to help him realize the good he is doing, and the lives he is influencing in Texas. I'm happy to say, by the next week he was back to his happy, upbeat self. He was doing and feeling much better.

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