Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two Letters in One Week!

We are feeling very grateful! Elder Varvel hasn't even been gone for a week, and we just received our second letter. It sounds like he is doing great! This was a paper they gave the missionaries to fill out and send home with mission information on it, and a place to write a quick note. Here's what he had to say:

Branch 56
Branch President- President Mortensen
1st Counselor- Brother Russon
2nd Counselor- Brother Sowby
My Companion's name is: Elder Braden Checketts
My Companion is from: Layton, Utah
My Address is: 2009 North 900 East, Provo, Utah 84604
My Mail Box # is: 155
My Preparation Day is on Wednesday (the only day I can write/e-mail)
Quick Note to Family:

I know I just wrote but this is just a letter to write to give some basic information about the mission. The spanish is coming on really well. My teacher is Hermana Gibbons who just got off her mission a year and a half ago. She only speaks spanish to us but I can understand her just like she was speaking english, but I still can't speak it very well. I prayed in spanish and that was fun. I had to use a cheat sheet but it is coming along quicker than any of the spanish classes I took in high school. I am in the same hall as Elder Lindley. I saw Elder Egbert and talked with him today. Elder Schwendiman came up and gave me a big bear hug during lunch, so I am not the only one I know in here! Yay! Curtis will be coming in next week so I should be seeing him soon. Elder Checketts is still the man! I couldn't have asked for a better first companion! I just wish I was taller and he was shorter. We are going out on P-day and just having a picture run, where we take pictures around everything significant in the MTC. For example, one of the secrets we found out was there is a tree in the MTC that smells like cream soda. It is awesome! So far I am having a blast and I am being taken care of! I love you guys and I hope you miss me a lot because I'm so awesome :)!
-Elder Sawyer Varvel

I'm so glad he's finding all of the Bonneville missionaries in the MTC! I'm happy his spanish is coming along good. And I'm especially glad he loves his companion, and they are planning a picture run! Sounds like his first week has been great!

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