Sunday, June 23, 2013

First Letter!

We got our first letter from Elder Varvel today. We weren't expecting a hand written one, so we hadn't been getting the mail. He wrote it the night he got there, so it probably sat in our mailbox for a couple days. I checked the mail on Sunday, and there it was! Here's what he had to say:

Dear Family!
It is the day you dropped me off at the MTC and I am getting ready to go to bed now, so I will just tell you what happened after you drove away! My host was a really nice guy and he sent me into the building where you get your tag and your packet with the schedule and basically the necessities. Then he took me to my residence which is a cozy little room that I share with 3 other Elders who I will talk about in a minute. After I dropped off my luggage in my room, I went and picked up all the study materials I would need for my time here and me and my host separated. There I met the rest of my district which is all Elders. I think we are the only district who doesn't have any sisters in it. I am the shortest person in the district and my companion, whose name is Elder Braden Checketts,  is a whopping 6'7", being the tallest in the district. Elder Checketts is great! He is a complete spaz; even spazzier than me, and he is very strong in the Gospel.  He is from Layton, Utah and will be my companion the duration of my stay at the MTC. There are 8 other missionaries in the district who are all great guys as well. Most of them are going to Lubbock except for two staying in our room who are going to Pennsylvania. I found out that the Spanish and Italian missionaries live in the same building so me and Tyler are right down the hall from each other!  This Sunday all the missionaries in the MTC are going to this huge broadcast at the Marriott Center with the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve, so I got here just in time for something awesome! You guys should watch it and look for me in the congregation! It is almost lights out so I will let you know more about the classes and the food as soon I find out more about it! Love you guys and miss you lots! Tell the dogs and the fish hi for me! Just know that it has been really good so far!
-Elder Varvel

I love the height difference between him and his companion! I can't wait to see pictures of that! We have all breathed a sigh of relief now that we know he is happy and doing good!

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