Thursday, June 20, 2013

Set Apart

Sawyer was set apart as a missionary on Tuesday night, June 18th. Sawyer was feeling a little anxious, because he had spent a good part of the day saying goodbye to close friends. As soon a President Fuller sat down and started giving him some missionary counsel, Mark said he could see a physical change in Sawyer. Everything seemed to go back into perspective, he relaxed, and a calmness came back over him. President Fuller set him apart, and gave him a wonderful blessing. After everyone left, I wrote down the highlights that we could remember. Here are a few things that stuck out to us:

*The Mission President will use Sawyer's musical and dramatic talents to bless the mission.
*Sawyer will have an influence on government officials in the area.
*If Sawyer remains happy and has a positive outlook on life, he will connect with, and have an influence on the over aged youth in the area.
*If he consumes any deadly substance, it will not harm him.
*He will have the gift of tongues and learn the language if he is obedient to the mission rules.
*He was counseled to look after his companions, and to watch over the sister missionaries in the area.
*He was counseled to be obedient to the Word of Wisdom.
*He will grow to love the Mission President and his family.
*He was counseled to learn the culture, strengths and weaknesses of the Hispanic community.
*He will teach people from foreign lands, and they will eventually take those teachings back to their native countries.

Andrew, Sawyer, and Tyler.
Grammy and Papa have always been a HUGE support system for Sawyer. 
Tuesday was a very rough day for Bailey. We had Sawyer's favorite dinner that night, and she couldn't even eat with us. She spent some time alone upstairs and then was able to come down to support Sawyer while he was set apart. 
We're so proud of this guy!
President Fuller and Bishop Irving.
 This made it official! Sawyer is now a missionary! Congratulations Elder Varvel!

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