Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Elder Varvel sent us his first batch of MTC pictures and videos! 

Elder Varvel and Elder Checketts in class.
This is his MTC District. From left to right: Elder Richards, Elder Stoneking, Elder Mercer, Elder Baggaley, Elder Searle, Elder Checketts, Elder Varvel, Elder Stowe
Elder Varvel's name tag :)!
Pointing to Lubbock, Texas on the big map.
They are smelling the cream soda tree.
Elder Varvel's work space.
Computer time.
Elder Varvel and Elder Lindley at the Provo Temple. 
Provo Temple
Elder Varvel at 5'8", and Elder Checketts at 6'7". They make quite a pair!
Sawyer will be a biking missionary!
Apparently his 4th of July package made it :)!
This is the line of missionaries leaving the Marriott Center after a devotional.  I bet that is an amazing sight to see thousands of missionaries in a line from the Marriott Center to the MTC.
It's good to see that they still find time to goof off :)!

A tour of the residence, and an introduction to the district.

A line of missionaries!

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