Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dessert/Letter Writing Open House

We got an e-mail from Elder Varvel that made us kind of sad. He sounded a little discouraged. He has been getting e-mails, but the letters slowed down for a couple weeks. He wrote:

I haven't got many letters the past two weeks, so I'm starting to feel like I've been forgotten. You should tell everyone to write me because you never realize how important it is to a missionary to get a letter until you are actually the one waiting for the mail.

So we did what he said....we told people they should write to him! We even gave them some incentive. We held a dessert open house. People could come over on a Sunday evening, have some dessert, and write Sawyer a letter. We had all the note cards and stationary they needed set out on the table. We had a goal of sending him 20 letters. Our friends and family are so AWESOME, and we more than doubled our goal! We sent off 43 letters in a big envelope the next day! And that was just from the people that came over that night. Several people that couldn't make it, or that live far away also sent him letters. I was giddy with gratitude and excitement! I wanted my missionary happy, and to know that he hadn't been forgotten. That was definitely accomplished! 

The dessert bar!
We also took pictures of our friends that came over to write. They posed with our stand-in Elder Varvel. We sent all the pictures to him in his package of letters.

The Waters family
The Russons crack me up! They were trying to be as serious as possible. It almost worked...and then there's Chase :)!
Katie, Chyanna, Emily, and Melissa
The McCalls pictures were so funny! Someone moved and was blurry in the 3 we took before this. This one was perfect, Owen rolling off the ottoman and all! 
The Hendrix family
Payton, Brad, and Marlee 
The Draper family
Christie Mae 
The Hughes Family 
Emersyn, Kassie, and Bailey. Bailey was a champion dessert maker!
Drew Dawg!
The Spence girls. They wrote their letter to Sawyer all in Spanish. I can't wait to see if he could understand it! 
Cute Savannah! 
Shannon and Madi!

This made us realize that we can be doing a lot more to support missionaries. I am now making it a goal to write to a missionary from our ward, or one of Sawyer's friends each Sunday. Thank you friends and family for your support! I can't wait to hear what he thought of his letter filled package. I'm sure he was overwhelmed :)! Stay tuned...

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