Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I got an e-mail from Sawyer and cracked up at one of his stories. What happened isn't funny, but how he tells it is hilarious!

It sounds like you guys had a pretty fun week! I wish I could say the same, but me and Elder Palmer have been feeling a little down lately. It's not like we're discouraged, but lately it has just been the same thing over and over again every single day with no change in the results....EXCEPT FOR YESTERDAY! We were just dandily walking in the hot sun knocking on people's doors. We knocked on this old, dumpy looking house, and we hear some guy yell from the side of the house. So we walked over and this guy was walking toward us and started speaking to us in spanish. We started speaking back to him in spanish, and he started screaming, "GET THE BLEEPEDY BLEEP BLEEP OUT OF HERE! WE ARE BLEEPING BLEEPEDY CATHOLICS! GET THE BLEEPEDY BLEEP OFF MY BLEEPING PROPERTY!" Elder Palmer was just like, "Whoa man relax! We're going!" To which he continued his rant. I said, "We are just sharing a message about Christ." And then he cussed us out some more. I have realized that I really need to work on the Christ like attribute of charity because after that experience I was thinking about how much I just wanted to lay that guy out flat! But hey....God bless him :)! President Augustin has really been emphasizing the conference talk that Elder Holland gave at the last conference, and I understand why now. The world is moving farther away from the teachings of God, and we are going to eventually be the ones alone and needing to stand tall.

That's a lot of BLEEPS! Glad he's making lots of friends in Van Horn :)! Actually, if that's his first experience with a person like that, then I feel pretty lucky. 

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