Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Elder Varvel!

We missed Sawyer a lot during Thanksgiving! We wanted him to know we were thinking about him, so we packed up a fun Thanksgiving package to send him. We got him stuff to make a 'turkey' dinner, complete with all the fixings. Sometimes we think we're pretty dang funny :)!

Thanksgiving dinner for Elder Varvel!
Here's his turkey!
We even got him place settings, and a nice centerpiece :)!

The best thing in the package was an awesome turkey hat! 

The zone leaders loved his hat :)!

Now THIS is a handsome little turkey!
Sawyer and Elder Walker had arrangements to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Carrion family. They are a part member family that the missionaries have known and worked with since they got to Muleshoe. They had spent some time with the family the day before Thanksgiving, and then got a call a few hours later and found out that John Carrion (the husband/father) had passed away very unexpectedly. It was so sad for them! They had transfers coming up right after that, and were really worried they would be transferred. Sister Carrion didn't want them to leave. She said she needed them there during this hard time. Luckily, Sawyer and Elder Walker were not transferred, and both remained in Muleshoe. The missionaries volunteer at a senior citizen center each week, and there is a lady there that is in charge of the food. She loves the missionaries, so as soon as she heard what happened, she invited them to Thanksgiving dinner. So they were still able to have a nice day, despite what had happened. After Thanksgiving they attended John's funeral services, and tried to help the Carrion family out with things they needed. Sawyer has never really experienced anything like that, and just by reading his letters, I can tell it was a learning experience for him, and really made him appreciate the Plan of Salvation, and his knowledge that families can be together forever.

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