Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy New Year!

We always hang out as a family on New Years Eve. We missed Sawyer this year! But we sent him all of our usual stuff, so him and Elder Walker could have their own little party :)!

We love our little proxy Elder Varvel :)! 
New Years package!
Happy New Year from our favorite missionary :)!
 I wrote to Sawyer and told him about the stuff we had been doing over the holidays. I told him that for mutual we went caroling to some people in our ward. I told him we tried to go by and sing to a lot of the older couples. For those of you who know Sawyer, you will remember that he is scared of old people. This is a small part of the letter I received back:
I'm sad that I missed caroling, because I actually love old people now! They are the sweetest people ever! You learn a lot as a missionary huh?
He seriously cracks me up! I'm just glad he's learning stuff! 

Happy New Year Elder Varvel!

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