Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Leaving Dumas

I got the saddest news from Sawyer that he is leaving Dumas. This has by far been his favorite area. He loved being in a town that was a little bigger, he loved his companions, his investigators, and the members in the area. Dumas was the high point of his mission. Here's what his letter said:

"Well....I am writing you on my last day in Dumas and I am really depressed. I can't believe I am leaving already, because it feels like I just barely got here, and this has been my favorite area! It has been really hard saying goodbye to everyone because I love them all so much!"

 Here are the remaining pictures/videos from his time in Dumas.

Elder Nelson's impression of a sister missionary

This is why 19 year old guys should not be able to live together unsupervised! This is probably my favorite video from his mission so far! What in the world could they have been thinking?!?

Before they started the fire in the apartment, they were outside burning stuff. They found these matching camo coats in their apartment, so the three of them wore them outside to the fire. They are crazies!
This is how Elder Nelson entertains them!

They had a quote board in their apartment, and they would write down all the crazy stuff anyone said.
Brother Poole took the missionaries to the temple. Sawyer was excited because they saw Elder Palmer there!

Sawyer was the district leader in Dumas, and this was his awesome district. He loved all these missionaries!
I can see why he had so much fun in this area! Elder Ellsworth, Elder Varvel, Elder Davis, Elder Packer, Elder Thiel, Elder Nelson, Elder Nelson, Sister Raymond, Sister Dahl, Sister Brown, Sister Christofferson, Sister Manwaring.
Sawyer and Tony.
Elder Varvel and Sister Sanchez. She was so good to all the missionaries. They would have FHE at her house. Sawyer said she was like his mom on the mission. 
Elder Nelson, Elder Varvel, and Elder Davis.
He's gonna miss these guys!
Elder Varvel and Elder Pack

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