Thursday, October 24, 2013

MTC Flashback!

A while after Elder Varvel had been in the mission field, he sent me his SD card with the rest of his pictures and videos from the MTC. He loved his time there! He had a great companion, a great district, and great teachers. 
This is Elder Varvel's district with Hermana Gibbons. She was his first teacher in the MTC, and they had her the whole time they were there.
This is Hermano Torres. He was their second teacher. He had to leave half way through their time at the MTC. He left to teach at the MTC in Mexico.
The district with Hermano Torres.
This is the district with Hermano Clarke. He replaced Hermano Torres once he left. 
Elder Varvel with Hermano Albaugh. He wasn't their actual teacher, but Sawyer said he might as well have been, because he helped them out with everything.
He claims he's doing a wall backflip, but we know better than that :)!
Sawyer found Curtis in the MTC! 
This is Sawyer's district with the sisters in his zone, the night they left.
Singing the night they left.

There are goblins in the MTC bathrooms!

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